The BEC Way

For your organization
Who are dissatisfied with their current methods of product delivery

Our product is a Leadership-led Digital Transformation…
That provides and leverages:

•Leadership coaching and buy in

•Cultural understanding

•A Product Management approach

•Fast feedback cycles

•Evolutionary refinement of agile adoption practices

•Metrics that provide transparency & measure outcomes

Unlike typical Agile Transformation approaches, our product…

•Better leverages your organization's culture and

•Focuses on the challenges with leadership buy-in at all levels

•Develops the Product Management discipline to meet their needs

•Guides value delivery with Dev*Ops proven practices

•CONTINUALLY assesses progress and provides feedback for Leadership decisions

Change Management Consulting

Berkana Enterprise Consulting (formerly The Bodhia Group) is a management and technology consulting company that provides services to organizations from Fortune 500 companies to individual proprietorships.

Rely on our consulting services to improve your current systems and processes.  We consider the latest information and the structure of your team to form a unique performance strategy.  With more than 45 years of experience, we offer services to increase the productivity of your company.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Lean/Agile Product Delivery & Training

  • IT & Business Process Improvement

  • Program & Project Management

  • Leadership Coaching